Business Plan

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Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) of our marketing plan-

1.Unlike any other plan, you get Rs 3,500 i.e. the spent amount back, on the second direct referral itself.

2.From each of the 3rd-10th Direct Referrals in both the phases you collectively earn Rs 1000 + Rs 4000 = Rs 5000. This more than 140% of the returns on each direct referral, as the joining fee is only Rs 3,500.

3.Simple & Easy qualification for the second phase: No multiple club hopping.

4.Extremely achievable rewards at the 4th level of Phase 2, which again makes it essential for everyone to grow horizontally.

5.Absolutely no cappings on your earnings/payouts.

6.A self-correcting and self-sustaining system that will make sure your down-line does not drop below the 10th level easily in the second phase of massive commissions.

After going through Uncial Marketing’s Business Plan Presentation, please watch the brief video below, to understand if your understanding is same as ours.

Business Plan Explanation in English


Below Is Business Plan Explanation in Hindi