A Comprehensive Vedic Mathematics DVD Course

We are offering a complete vedic mathematics course that is present in a DVD compatible format. The complete course can be completed within 4 weeks if the learner spends 2 hours to watch and learn from our DVD everyday and practise it for another 2 hours. It is important that the students don’t get overwhelmed by the knowledge at their disposal and regularly cover the chapters present in the structured course.

This comprehensive vedic maths course DVD covers simple squaring tricks to methods that can be used to solve complex integration by parts problems. 

The below sample clip explains how you can square numbers that end with 5, within seconds.

Within the DVD you will find basic, intermediate and advanced levels of Vedic Mathematics. This DVD consists of the following contents:

  • A Complete Vedic Mathematics Course

    Vedic Sutras

  • Squaring
  • Specific multiplication
  • Square & Square roots
  • Cube & Cube Roots
  • Fourth Power
  • Basic Devices
  • Divisibility
  • Verification
  • Division
  • Linear Equations
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Recurring Decimals
  • Integration by parts
  • HCF
  • Factorisation
  • Combined Calculations
  • and much more

The method used to transfer knowledge is deviced in the most efficient way. The chapters would usually be found to be structured in the pattern of

  • Method
  • Examples Problems
  • Exercises


Demo of Vedic Mathematics DVD



Bonus: Basic English Language Course.

On buying our Vedic Mathematics DVD you also get a bonus interactive Basic English Language Course CD, that aims to improve basic english communication skills and is custom made for Indian audiences, focusing on pronunciation and common mistakes that many of us make while conversing in english. The CD has flash animations that will interactively guide you to understand how to converse in english in real life situations.

This CD will help you improve your basic english communication skills.


Basic English Communication Skills

  • Complete grammar with clear explanation
  • Examples of real life situations
  • Effective & handpicked proverbs
  • Synonyms & Antonyms for daily usage.
  • Common mistakes that people make.
  • And Much More…

Contact Us to place an order and learn vedic mathematics and Basic English Language to get an edge over competitive examinations, sharpen your mind or just to impress your peers/colleagues.

Demo of Vedic Mathematics DVD